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We have more horses available.  Check out our face book page & Groups.  Please contact us for more information.


Nickers - 7 year old Dunn mare

"Nickers" - 7 year old Dunn mare, unregistered, very gentle, green broke, 60 days professional training and additional time under saddle.  Nickers is definitely an "in your pocket" super friendly mare that needs a special and loving home where she will get lots of attention .  She seeks people out, follows them like a puppy, and is easy to catch.  Great 4H project and with additional training to finish her, she could go in several directions.  Adoption contract and rehoming fee required.

Playboys Powder Star (aka 2 Socks)
AQHA registered (click for pedigree)



2 Socks is from our Nevada herd dispersal last summer and was fostered this winter by Pattie VanWinkle-Hudson. We are so pleased with her progress these last two months, I wanted to get her out here for everyone to see! I will ask Donna to post her registration info tomorrow.

FROM OUR TRAINER: "Two Socks will make someone a great horse, from trails to working cows in the branding pen. She is very responsive in the bridle and moves well off of seat and leg pressure. She has the basic commands down really well and is well started on intermediate to advanced commands. Two Socks trailers, ties, picks up her feet well, is respectful on the ground, handles a rope well, and much more. She has had plenty of trail experience through rivers, over bridges, around wildlife, up and down narrow and steep elk trails, and she also ponies other horses well. She has had a little experience with working cattle in the arena and has shown a lot of potential. She is ready to finish in many different directions." She is available with adoption contract and rehoming fee (TBD).


Shiraz- 14 year old AQHA mare

"OUT FOXED BY POCO" - aka "Shiraz":  Bay 14 year old AQHA registered mare sired by "Poco Trey Too" and Dam is "Two Fox Reveillee".   Shiraz as we call her, has been a brood mare for several years and is now undergoing 60 days training under saddle.  Absolutely stunning, her future should be as beautiful as she is!  Adoption contract and rehoming fee required.


Lass - Black 2006 AQHA mare

"DARKS EXQUISITE LASS" - Black 2006 AQHA Mare. "Lass" is a lovely, sweet mare acquired in a herd dispersal.  She is undergoing evaluation at this time.  Reportedly, she has been ridden.  She's heavy with "Driftwood" bloodlines.  Adoption contract and rehoming fee (TBD) is required.  Will not be sold as a broodmare.


"Lady Bever", 2008 AQHA registered mare


"Lady Bever", 2008 AQHA registered mare acquired during a killbuyer's herd dispersal. "Ladybug" to us, she had been a young, unhandled broodmare. Making good progress, she's pictured standing for a bath before our Farrier takes his turn with her. She's a wonderful training project! Her bloodlines include "Freckles Playboy", "Hanks Sugar Cube", "Jewels Leo Bars". Current adoption fee $800 and adoption contract required. She will not be rehomed as a broodmare.


We have more horses available than those posted here.  Please contact us for more information.

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