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Our primary focus is to save slaughter-bound horses that have a lot left to offer and will enrich people's lives in their new forever homes. Most of these horses are top grade "fats" headed for slaughter for human consumption in Japan & Europe. The feedlot kill-pen we primarily rescue from has contracts with stock contractors, breeding farms, dude ranches, and preys on people & horses in difficult situations.


The feedlot has everything from orphan foals whose mothers are slaughter-bound, and young pregnant "overstock" brood mares to experienced ranch cattle horses and well trained 4H pets that were hardship cases and fell prey to meat buyers. We've saved trained, draft driving teams and treasured wild horses.


When rehoming, an adoption contract is required as well as an adoption fee (in most cases). We will check references and may do a home inspection.


It takes a village to save a horse - or many! We gladly accept donations and need them to continue our work. Thank you for supporting the rescue of slaughter-bound horses. Welcome to our Thunder Mountain Farms Equine Rescue "Village".

501c3 Approval Letter
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